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CER invites comments on how Carbon Capture and Storage will be measured in NGER for the 2015/16 reporting year

on Friday, 16 May 2014.

The CER published today on its website a discussion of proposed methods for the estimation of emissions from carbon capture and storage (CCS) activity in NGER - http://www.environment.gov.au/system/files/pages/e5162516-12c1-496d-91f0-7a2527b2a863/files/consultation-draft-nger-measurement-amendment-determination-commentary.pdf . Submissions are invited from interested parties by 31st August 2014, but it is not intended that any future amendments arising from this process would apply until the 2015/16 NGER reporting year. CCR will be reviewing the proposals with any of its clients involved in CCS activities, and will advise them on their submissions.