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Government closes the Energy Efficiency Opportunities (EEO) Program

on Wednesday, 14 May 2014.

The Energy Efficiency Opportunity program has been operating since 2006, covering 65% of Australia's energy use, with the objective of raising industry's awareness of the potential savings through energy efficiency activities. However, The Government has decided to close the EEO program with effect from 29th June 2014, and all compliance obligations will cease from that date, see https://eeo.govspace.gov.au/ One reason given by the Government for the closure is that companies are moving to incorporate energy efficiency into their normal business processes, such as by implementing an ISO 50001 Energy Management System. CCR are experienced in both EEO and ISO 50001 and can advise on ways of converting the work already done on EEO compliance into ISO 50001 accreditation, and the benefits this can deliver. There is also Government money available for energy efficiency projects under the new 'Emissions Reduction Fund' and CCR can advise you on how to unlock these funds.