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What We Do

We are a client focused professional services company that provides solutions to complex problems and helps you deliver effective and sustainable solutions to your energy and emissions challenges. We offer a range of services to help with all of the above. For convenience we've grouped them into the four broad areas below:-

We understand that Australian companies today are facing a number of unprecedented challenges:-

  • Rapidly changing energy landscape, with new technologies, business models, and choices that can be confusing to chart a path through;
  • Rising energy prices as costs of production increase, and world demand expands meaning an increasing proportion of Australian energy resources are diverted to lucrative export markets;
  • Greater attention on energy efficiency, emissions, and pollution as a result of moves to limit climate change and pollution;
  • Policy uncertainty as climate and energy issues have become a political football, resulting in a revolving door of Government schemes in the area;
  • Internationalisation of energy and emissions means Australian businesses are increasingly affected by international energy markets, geo-political events, and International agreements not under their or the Australian Government's control; and
  • Rising awareness of environmental issues amongst stakeholders such as banks, investors, employees, local communities, and customers, puts the spotlight on a company's policies and performance in these areas

At CCR we are uniquely positioned to help companies and organisations understand and manage these risks and pressures through our experience, practical technological know-how and independence. We understand that companies need to cut through all the confusion and focus on the core issues that affect their business and activities:-

  • Comply with statutory reporting requirements;
  • Anticipate new regulations, energy supply arrangements & prices, and prepare accordingly;
  • Improve their processes to increase efficiency, use less resources and produce less emissions and waste;
  • Use energy efficiency as a tool to save money, and hedge against rising energy costs and price volatility;
  • Invest in new more sustainable energy sources;
  • Respond to investor and other stakeholder questions on sustainability; and
  • Understand and respond to, and gain advantage from, the risks associated with the impacts of climate change and the need to move to a low carbon economy.